Quantum Computing Control System “QuEL-1”

QuEL, Inc. is a startup established to commercialize novel quantum computer control hardware/middleware developed mainly at Osaka University.

Quantum computer control hardware/middleware is used to connect quantum software and a qubit chip. It generates signals based on information from quantum software and sends the signals to control a qubit chip.

QuEL’s control hardware/middleware allows its users to improve fidelity, scale up the number of qubits easily, and minimize their workload on setting and calibration of itself. The details about its technologies and products will be published soon.

Company Information

Company Name QuEL, Inc.
Business Development, production and sales of quantum computer control hardware/middleware
CEO Yosuke Ito
Address 2-9-2 Owada-machi, Hachioji, Tokyo, 192-0045 Japan
Foundation date July 1st, 2021
Contact info@quel-inc.com