We have developed a quantum computing control system named “QuEL-1”.

Key Features

QuEL-1’s following features can contribute to accelerate quantum computer research.

Usability By integrating functions which used to be separate units into a single unit, QuEL-1 is compact and does not require the user to spend time calibrating across multiple units.
Scalability Since each unit is designed on an all-in-one basis, the number of qubits can be easily scaled-up simply by synchronizing multiple units.
Configurability Most signal input/output settings can be configured in software, which minimizes the effort spent on device settings during experiments.


Transmitter 8 channels
Resolution:16 bit
Sampling rate:12 GSPS
Bandwidth: 500 MHz – 2.0 GHz
Frequency: 7-11 GHz
(19-22 GHz with multiplier option)
Receiver 4 channels
Resolution:12 bit
Sampling rate:6 GSPS
Bandwidth: 500 MHz – 2.0 GHz
Frequency: 7-11 GHz
Interface 10GbE x4 (for data transport)
GbE x1 (for control)
HDMI x1 (for reference clock)
Size W 440mm x H 124mm x L 900mm
3U (can be installed in a 19-inch rack)

Please contact up through inquiry form if you are interested in “QuEL-1”. We will provide more information including its specifications and price.

System Block Diagram

Inside Picture