We have developed a quantum control system named “QuEL-1” as shown below.

“QuEL-1” has following features;

  • High Performance: “QuEL-1” has realized higher performance than existing products in terms of microwave bandwidth and other major indicators.
  • High Usability: “QuEL-1″‘s users don’t have to consume much time for calibration of “QuEL-1” because we integrated all functions inside of it.
  • High Scalability: The number of qubits is easily scaled up by connecting “QuEL-1” units in parallel.
  • High Robustness: “QuEL-1” can minimize the influence of disturbance.
  • High configurability: “QuEL-1” allows users to change setting easily by software.

Please contact up through inquiry form if you are interested in “QuEL-1”. We will provide more information including its specifications and price.